Article's List

1) Effects of security and religion on using drugs and addiction
2) Family and Prayer
3) The Philosophy of Supervision
4) The Comparative Study of Responsibility in Western and Persian Political Systems
5) Religious Principles of Political Participation
6) The Variable and Features of Political Trends Study
7) Training In Islam, the Test of a Hypothesis: Islam Is the Advocator of Constructive Social Training
8) An Introduction to Social training “according to the behavior and sayings of the infallible Imams” or “about Islamic Fidles”
9) The Role of Educated Woman in Constitutive and Consolidating a Family
10) Islam and Power Bases
11) The Intellectual Trends in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a Critical Approach
12) An Overview of Doctor Javad Tabatabaee s Idea of Iranian Identity and Its Interaction with Islamic and Western Identities
13) The Rules and Principle of Criticism
14) The Study of the Roots of Integration among Different Iranian Religious Faiths in the Iran-Iraq War
15) Philosophy of law under two meaning
16) National security and political freedom
17) The Comparative Study of Gradation of Human Beings in the Viewpoints of Imam Khomeini and Gazzali
18) The comparative study of reason and rationals from the perspectives of Imam Khomeini and Ghazzali
19) The comparative study of Man’s Soul in viewpoints of Imam Khomeini and Ghazzali
20) Woman’s dignity in the Islamic Legal System (Contemporary Iran)
21) The Islamic System and Citizens’ Privacy
22) An Introduction to political education according to the behavior and sayings of the infallible Imams
23) Is there any compatibility between Islam and democracy?